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League of Legends

Hackers auctioning off League of Legends source code

The hackers wanted over $10 million USD for the code originally.

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During a recent breach at Riot Games, League of Legends' source code was stolen by hackers, and is now being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

After Riot refused to pay the hackers' demands of over $10 million USD to get the code back, the thieves have turned to a popular hacking forum to auction off the data. The minimum price for the League of Legends code is being listed at $1 million.

It's believed the data could be used to make cheats for League of Legends, which Riot has explained. There's also the source code for Teamfight Tactics, and Packman, which is a legacy anti-cheat solution, being auctioned off.

Riot has since postponed some upcoming patches for League of Legends, but luckily no harm was done to user data and none was stolen during the breach.

Thanks, TechRadar.

League of Legends

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