Halloween Ends

Halloween will be continued, partly as a film but possibly also as a TV series

Miramax is shopping the rights around Hollywood.

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Did you think John Carpenter's iconic series was dead and buried with the insidiously named Halloween Ends? No such luck, as it is now reported that Miramax, the rights owner, is shopping around Hollywood for people willing to produce not only a film but also a TV series based on the masked serial killer Michael Myers. An anonymous source with industry connections told Bloody Disgusting about the future of Halloween:

"From what we understand, there is a massive bidding war going on right now, with several different parties interested and vying for the chance to bring Michael Myers back to life."

Further, the tipster says the studio is searching high and low, considering offers from streamers as well as well-established film studios. And after the Blumhouse-produced Halloween films did as well as they did, no one really thought the film series was dead and buried.

Would you like to see more Halloween films, or would a series be more interesting?

Halloween Ends

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Halloween Ends

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