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Halo TV series was not all CGI, but puppets as well

A new video shows how the Covenant was made.

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After years of waiting, during this spring we finally got a TV series about Halo. You can read our review about the first season right here. A second season is coming, but before that it's good to know, how things were brought to life in the first season.

Nowadays it seems that everything is done with just a big green screen and computer generated images, but there is still something when doing it "real", in other words with real people and big puppets. Halo TV series used puppets for the Covenant creatures, so maybe that was the reason, why there were so few different races of Covenant in the show?

What ever the case, Polygon has now published a video, which shows how the Covenant puppets looked like on set.

And now let's be honest: how many of you thought that the Covenant were just a bunch of CGI images instead of puppets? I sure thought so.

Halo TV

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