Rock Band 4

Harmonix has plans for at least ten more seasons of Rock Band 4

The musical party game continues to thrive after 31 seasons.

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There are few live service games that have existed and succeeded in the way that Harmonix's Rock Band 4 has. While the developer tried to add the musical game Fuser to its portfolio of projects a few years ago, but had to close the game down recently, the developer still has an absolute gold mine of a title, with that being Rock Band 4.

And we say gold mine because Rock Band 4 is entering into its 31st season! While you might think that Harmonix would be eyeing either a sequel or a reduction in support, the developer has just confirmed that the game will get at least another 10 seasons of support.

Speaking in a new blog post, Harmonix stated: "We've just wrapped up 30 seasons of Rock Band Rivals. In Rock Band years, Rivals is settling into middle age, thinking about a house in the suburbs with a backyard smoker and a band room in the basement. Not to worry though, middle age is great: while there's a significant amount of history to draw from, there's also a significant amount of future to look forward to. This is true for Rivals as well. So, buckle up and let me talk about what we have planned for Seasons 31-40 (yes, we're planning to pull Rivals well into the 40's)."

While there's no mention of how long Harmonix intends to keep supporting Rock Band 4, the developer has stated that as part of Season 31, it will be bringing back a Season Pass and offering a collection of new cosmetics for the playable instruments.

Rock Band 4

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