Rock Band 4

Harmonix suffers another round of layoffs

This is "to reduce our overhead."

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Things haven't exactly gone Harmonix' way lately, as Rock Band 4 was never the revival of the music genre some were hoping for, the Fig crowdfunding campaign for a PC version of Rock Band 4 failed, and Rock Band VR (released six months ago) wasn't a hit either. Today they make mostly smaller games, and the latest release is DropMix.

Now, one month after the release of DropMix, Harmonix says they are forced to let 14 people leave the company "to reduce our overhead and align our business with our current development slate".

"This was a difficult decision and we're grateful to our friends and former colleagues for their many contributions. We're working to ensure that they're taken care of as we make this change," they continue.

This is of course sad news and we hope the Boston-based developer will get a huge hit sooner rather than later. Are you still a Rock Band fan?

Rock Band 4

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