Has Samsung designed a new MicroSD-card for Switch 2

The new card is designed with performance in mind and has a much faster read speed.

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The rumours about a new Nintendo console, the successor to Switch, are really piling up right now. It started with the regular leaks from insiders, was followed by journalists, further bolstered by actual signs from the tech-industry and nowadays it seems like a fact that Switch 2 will arrive late this year or early 2025 (according to the latest rumours).

Now we've got another possible sign that something is about to happen, as Samsung just revealed a new memory card. While that isn't suspicious by itself, it offers impressive speeds and sizes, and the explanation from Samsung on why they made this has made people wonder:

"For the first time in the industry, Samsung has introduced a new high-performance microSD card based on the SD Express interface. The development was the result of a successful collaboration with a customer to create a custom product."

So who is this customer who needs such a demanding 800 MB/s microSD? It's not out of the question that they are talking about Nintendo, which was rumoured to launch Switch 2 this fall. Having a really fast memory card in generous sizes would definitely benefit gaming, and the timing is very appropriate.

The transfer speeds are still considerably slower than SSD (5,500 MB/s for PlayStation 5), but since Switch 2 is rumoured to be comparable to a PlayStation 4 in digital horse power, there are less data that needs to be tossed around and it would be a huge step-up from Switch.

Has Samsung designed a new MicroSD-card for Switch 2

Thanks, Wccftech.

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