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Sea of Thieves

Have you been a good Sea of Thieves pirate this year?

Find out how many times you've vomited and burnt your dinner plus a whole lot more.

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We're less than three weeks from New Years eve, and this means it's the time of the year when the video game companies launches "year in review" services. Rare seems to be one of the first major developers doing this 2022, and you can now check out your round-up for this year in Sea of Thieves.

It includes a lot of data, like how far you've sailed, but also things like favorite shanties, collected gold, how much you've vomited and your abilities as a chef. Head over here to check out your story in the beloved pirate simulator over here.

Sea of Thieves is Rare's probably biggest success yet. Back in June, it was revealed that over 30 million players has sailed Rare's digital seas, while doing all kinds of mischief, and it's a number that has climbed since then.

Sea of Thieves

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