Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone goes big with its new Titans expansion

A new type of card we've never seen before is likely going to change the meta forever.

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Hearthstone has recently unveiled its Titans expansion, the latest in a long list of extra content being brought to the trading card game.

As the name suggests, the Titans expansion is all about these colossal creatures (not to be confused with Colossal minions, by the way). Titans are huge, game-changing cards that can use three powers once they've been played. After their titanic powers are depleted, they can still deal big damage and make an impact as a regular minion.

There will be 11 Titans at launch for the expansion, with one for each of the game's classes. The new mechanic for this expansion is Forge, which allows you to upgrade cards in your hand for a mana cost. We'll also see some new Magnetic cards this expansion, too.

The Titans expansion launches on the 1st of August, so keep an eye out for future card reveals.


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