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Halo Infinite

Here are the new maps for Halo Infinite - Season 3: Echoes Within

The new season starts next week.

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Next week is a great week to get back into Halo Infinite, as Season 3: Echoes Within starts and introduces a lot of new content. The by far most important things are the three maps; Chasm and Cliffhanger (Arena), and finally Oasis (Big Team Battle).

Here is how these are described by 343 Industries' Multiplayer Level Designer Cliff Schuldt, on Halo Waypoint:

Chasm is what you'd get if you took Boarding Action from Halo: CE and put in some Grappleshots, which is every bit as fun as it sounds.

Cliffhanger is set at an ONI black site atop a mountain, also featuring man cannons for maximum vertigo!

Oasis is a mosh pit of pure vehicular fun for BTB, and it's got a stunning skybox with a Forerunner ship terraforming the desert environment around it.

Now we've got a preview trailer as well showing these off. Besides new maps, Echoes Within also adds Escalation Slayer and other things, and starts on March 7.

Halo Infinite

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