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Here are the winners of the Fortnite Championship Series Chapter 3 Season 1 Grand Finals

Hen and Queasy took the victory in Europe.

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After a few weeks of competition, the victors of Chapter 3 Season 1 of the Fortnite Championship Series has now concluded. Seeing competition from all around the world, thanks to its regional tournament design, there are several winners to note.

In Europe, the region that received the largest share of the $3 million total prize pool for the season, it was Henrik "Hen" Mclean and Aleksa "Queasy" Cvetkovic who took the title as well as $300,000 to boot.

As for the two North American divisions, the East division saw Mero and Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf take the victory and $130,000, and the West division saw 33 Favs and TSM Snacky crowned as winners.

Elsewhere across the world, the Brazilian winners are Hero Phzin and KTZ 23; the Asian victors are XL2R2 and RUNA1X; the Oceanic champions are BASW1K3 and Jace; and finally, the Middle-Eastern winners are Kings Bleed and Medal FKS.

With this tournament in the books, we'll have to wait for Epic to release further information to see what Season 2 will be serving up.


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