Shadow Warrior 3

Here's 17 brutal minutes from Shadow Warrior 3

Those excited for Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior 3 can now watch the mission 'Way to Motoko' in full.

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Developer Flying Wild Hog unveiled Shadow Warrior 3's bloody FPS gameplay earlier this month, and now we've seen a more in-depth sequence. The developers completed the entire "Way to Motoko" mission from an early version of the ego shooter very skilfully in about 17 minutes, so they decided to upload it for our viewing pleasure.

In the long clip, we see various weapons and enemies that are effectively chopped up in the world of the first-person shooter. Protagonist Lo Wang regularly tears apart objects or weapons from his enemies' not-quite-dead-yet bodies, which he then uses as gadgets to destroy the current attack wave. Environmental interactions allow us to drag enemies into the abyss or find new ways without using brute force.

The use of the grappling hook in combination with wall-runs is particularly striking (which we have already seen) in the new material. We can pull explosive barrels and enemies towards us and then kick them towards close opponents. The grappling hook is also being used to activate platforms or traps from a distance or change your location on the current level very quickly. At the moment Shadow Warrior 3 has only been announced for the PC, but since previous versions were also released on consoles, we can probably expect the game there too.

Shadow Warrior 3

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