Here's eight Heroes of choice for Lords Mobile

Eight characters you can get by focusing on the Labyrinth.

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Even though Lords Mobile is all about armies and guilds, it also includes a series of highlighted characters that work as champions and can turn the tide battle. To get more of these Heroes you can invest gems or focus on defeating the Labyrinth bosses on your regular progression through the game. It's what we've done for this example, captured while playing on a level 46 account:


First off we take a look at the several unlocked kingdom items every hero can equip (weapons, accessories, armour, etc, along their respective upgrades). By equipping these items you can grow even faster. Start from a basic level, fuse materials, and inlay jewels to increase power.

Then we review eight possible Heroes with different classes and attributes, underlining their special abilities. Let us introduce you to "Oath Keeper" Wesley (Strength), "Night Raven" Icarus (Dexterity), "Bombin' Goblin" Tinkus (Intelligence), "Death Archer" Cathiss (Dex.), "Prima Donna" Felicia (Int.), "Snow Queen" Alice (Int.), "Scarlet Bolt" Greta (Dex.), and "Sage of Storms" Anderson (Int.).

In terms of those abilities, every hero has both combat and character abilities. The former power up the army and the kingdom, while the latter help you tackle the hero challenges. Oh, and don't forget to feed your hero so that he or she gains experience and levels up. Also, take a look at that yummy bbq by the end of the clip...

Tanks, support, mage, range, healer... What's your strategy? Add this example to our recently-published five tips for beginners in Lords Mobile.

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