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Here's what Sonic looked like before he was a hedgehog

The blue blur started as a young boy, then became a rabbit, some other things, and eventually a hedgehog.

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When you think of Sonic, your mind automatically goes to the blue hedgehog. However, it wasn't always that way, as Sega's mascot didn't originally start as an animal, he was actually one of two young brothers who was tasked with protecting a dream world from a "Nightmare" boss.

We now know this as Sonic designer Naota Ohshima has recently taken to Twitter to share a few early concepts of Sonic, which showed off a glimpse of Sonic in his young boy form.

This has led to fans asking Ohshima about the previous reports that Sonic was also once a rabbit, with the designer adding "I thought about various characters until I became Sonic. Among them, Rabbit was the first character to run in the game."

To add to this and touching on the proposals embedded above, another fan asked Ohshima about what the significance of Nightmare boss "Thirteen" would have been, with Ohshima stating that if this did end up being carried forward, he would have "created an enemy related to numbers."

Either way, it's interesting to see how our favourite characters develop and change over time.

Here's what Sonic looked like before he was a hedgehog

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