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      Hidden boss found in Bloodborne that was deleted from the final game

      A youtuber has recovered code snippets from across various versions of FromSoftware and Sony's title and has shown a boss that was deleted from the final game.

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      It remains perhaps one of the most vociferous requests from gamers to Sony: release a version of Bloodborne on PC (and at 60 FPS, while we're at it). From Software's title is nearly 8 years old and, as a 'rara avis' despite its massive critical and sales success, there has been no hint of a sequel or plans for a revision since its PS4 release.

      And while some people try to cash in on its name behind its creators' backs, others continue to delve into its secrets and code in search of that "something more". And now a new boss has been discovered in the game. This boss (which didn't make it into the final version) has been discovered and compiled by the well-known youtuber Lance McDonald, who has tracked it in the game's code throughout various pre-release versions. It's the Snake Ball, a monster that appears to be made up of a multitude of intertwined giant snakes, and bears some resemblance to the Hydra from Dark Souls. It seems that there were various times (and even locations) that Snake Ball was going to be in, but in the end he wasn't.

      In any case, the reveal is proof that, despite the fact that so much time has passed since its release, Bloodborne is still and will continue to hold the attention of gamers, at least until the sequel arrives.


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