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Hidetaka Miyazaki addresses the state of the gaming industry and layoffs

"As long as this company's my responsibility, I would not let that happen."

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There are few modern gaming names bigger than Hidetaka Miyazaki. The man behind much of the spirit of the Soulsborne series has been near-deified by devoted fans of the games, even if he does have a bit too much of a fondness for poison swamps.

It's safe to say that when Miyazaki speaks, people listen, and so in a recent PC Gamer interview, he was asked his thoughts on the state of the gaming industry right now, and in particular he spoke about the layoffs that have been plaguing the industry for some time.

"Speaking to myself and this company, I want to say that this is not something I would wish on the staff at FromSoftware in a million years," he said. "I'm pretty sure our parent company Kadokawa understands that and shares that view...I think it was the old ex-president of Nintendo, Iwata-san, who said that 'people who are afraid of losing their jobs are afraid of making good things.' I'm paraphrasing that, but I totally share this view."

FromSoftware has been a bit of a rare case in gaming recently, as it has not only managed to put out consistent quality for its user base, but it has also been immune to recent layoff trends, even expanding as a studio.

"I think the people at Kadokawa, our parent company, understand that I hold this view very strongly. While we can't say 100%—we can't say with complete certainty what the future's going to hold for From and Kadokawa—at least as long as this company is my responsibility, that's something I would not let happen. So hopefully our players and our fans can take a little bit of assurance from that," Miyazaki added, letting fans know that at least for now, FromSoftware won't be affected by wider trends.

Elden Ring

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