Hit the halfpipe with Minecraft's radical Creeper BMX

Unfortunately, the bike is only built for kiddos.

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There are a lot of different kinds of video game merchandise available to pick up and purchase but very few are as radical and cool as this one. Mojang has revealed a Minecraft BMX bike, fitted with all the right doodads and tricks to make you the king of the halfpipe.

This includes a frame ranging between 42 and 50-inches, 16-inch wheels, front calliper brakes, coaster brakes, a chain guard, pegs to grind, and even training wheels for the doting BMX athlete. The frame is also styled to resemble a Creeper with a green and black colour scheme and even a Creeper plush handlebar bag stuck on the front.

The main catch seems to be that this bike is made for children only, specifically between the ranges of 6-9 years, but this shouldn't stop you from wanting to hit the halfpipe all the same if you're a bit (or a lot) older.

The bike is selling in the US for $94.

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