Holiday event for Wildstar cancelled

Devs want to focus on getting it right.

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With three content drops for Wildstar since the game's launch in June, Carbine Studios has had more than enough on their plate concerning bug fixes and other corrections. After the third drop the devs have been busy tending to this with patches and updates, and this work has forced them to postpone their scheduled holiday event.

Even though stated on the Wildstar forum that the holiday event has been in the works ever since April, there's no chance it will be possible to launch a smooth running content update in time for Christmas.

"Winterfest wasn't in the same state Shade's Eve was when we stopped -- it was a rough li'l bit of content at the time. Fun, but rough. Even if we started the train back up now, finishing some part of it, testing it, and getting it out by Christmas would be a tough prospect with everything else cooking. We'd much rather deliver something that's full-featured, fun, and high quality.

I've been doing holiday content in this industry a long time, and I really want to show you folks what we cooked up, because I'm very proud of it. I hope you'll enjoy it next year", writes one of the staff members on the game's forums. Winter is coming, Winterfest is not - at least not this year.


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