Crusader Kings II

Holy Fury is coming to Crusader Kings II this year

Experience the Crusades from either side.

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Crusader Kings II is getting a new expansion sometime this year in the form of Holy Fury, which lets you take charge of righteous warriors, taking inspiration from the Northern Crusaders of Catholic Europe against the Pagans, with this expansion letting you play as both sides in this conflict.

If you're on the side of the latter, you have a chance to design a new Reformed Paganism, where you can decide your tactics, faith, leaders, and more. The whole thing plays out on a fictional map of Europe or on a random map, and there's plenty of new content like Crusade events, succession laws, and more.

The suggested retail price will be $19.99 USD when it launches sometime this year, which equates to around £15. Will you be keeping an eye on this expansion?

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