Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution gets its first story DLC

The Voice of Freedom drops today.

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The first story-based DLC for Homefront: The Revolution came out today, and it sees the player undertake some stealthy operations. In the DLC, called The Voice of Freedom you play as Benjamin Walker, an icon for the rebellion, as you try to infiltrate an occupied Philadelphia and meet up with the Resistance Cell.

The Voice of Freedom touts itself as a tense, story driven prologue that will test your stealth skills when you come up against a hostile faction in the subways oh Philadelphia, named the '90.' The DLC has been released today, and is available at no cost to those who own the Homefront Expansion Pass. Those looking to purchase separately can do so on Steam and Xbox One for £4.49, and PS4 for £4.99.

Homefront: The Revolution

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