Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is Xbox One X enhanced

The update has landed today.

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In recent weeks we've heard of more and more games getting updates to enhance them for the Xbox One X, Microsoft's new and very powerful console, and now we have news on another game getting the same treatment, which is last year's Homefront: The Revolution.

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have confirmed this today, and detailed the enhancements the game will receive, including visual and performance boosts as you'd expect. Firstly, there's a four times increase in visual quality over the standard Xbox One version of the game, as it'll now be rendered in 3200 x 1800, providing better image quality on 4K TVs as well as "a crisper, super-sampled image" on 1080p ones.

That's not all though, as all HUD and UI elements are now rendered in native 4K as well now, with the Time Splitters 2 arcade machine content also rendered as such. With increased memory on the Xbox One X, more high quality textures are supported on screen at any given time too, with frame-rate further improved and HDR added to both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S versions.

The update is available today to all those that own the game, and if you have yet to buy it, Deals with Gold has discounts on the game right now, so it could be the perfect time (these deals end on November 14 though, bear in mind).

Will you be jumping in as a returning player, or a brand new one?

Homefront: The Revolution

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