Housemarque is celebrating a new cycle for Returnal with content in other formats

A graphic novel, an animated adaptation and an art book to commemorate the third anniversary of its release.

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We're gamers before we're editors, and that's why yesterday we may have been a bit carried away by the teaser with which Housemarque yesterday anticipated an announcement for today. As we told you, they're celebrating the third anniversary of Returnal's original release on PS5, and there was a secret wish that they'd use the occasion to show us what they're working on now. Well, they've partly done that, though not quite as much as we'd hoped.

Housemarque has unveiled Returnal: Fallen Asteria, an 88-page graphic novel adapting the story that will be published by Dark Horse on October 22nd, and which you can already enjoy a snippet of in adapted animation format below:


In addition to this short, they have also presented the Returnal art book, which collects the concept designs about how the dark world of Returnal was created, its monsters, objects, weapons and our protagonist Selene.

Both the graphic novel and artbook are available for pre-order on Amazon in some territories such as the US, and we expect to see confirmation in Europe and other territories soon.


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