Housemarque will make an announcement tomorrow on the third anniversary of Returnal's launch

A mysterious message on social media puts us on alert - is it new content from Returnal or something entirely new?

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PlayStation gamers know that Sony's first party releases are in short supply, as they announced a few months ago that no major franchise releases are planned for this fiscal year, which ends in March 2025. Does that mean no announcements? Far from it.

Although the summer event (and announcement) season is getting closer and closer, Housemarque, makers of Resogun and Returnal, among others, have resurfaced on the interwebs with a small message and a single word: "Tomorrow".

This has quickly triggered fan excitement, as we haven't known what the team has been working on since the PC port of Returnal was released. In the five-second video, only the word appears in print, and black and white eyes for a moment that look like those of the game's protagonist, Selene, so it seems that many are expecting a sequel to be announced.

Tomorrow 30 April marks precisely three years since the release of Returnal, so it seems a reasonable assumption that the studio would choose that date to announce a sequel to its story.

What do you think?


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