How about a mini console called Xbox Mini?

It could be a fun way to celebrate the original Xbox's 20th anniversary.

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During these past few years, we have seen a bunch of so called mini consoles, which are just emulator boxes of old games, and the box itself is designed in a way that it evokes nostalgia. We have seen, for example, the NES Mini, SNES Mini, C64 Mini and PlayStation Classic, just to name a few. But how about a small console called Xbox Mini? Even if some of the original Xbox games are already playable on Xbox Series X (and S) via backwards compatibility?

Seamus Blackley is known as the designer of the original Xbox. He has now asked on Twitter, how would people feel about a mini console shaped like the original prototype of Xbox (which was shaped like an X, of course).

If there was a device that looked like this, that streamed and played OG Xbox games ONLY, would you desire it? Asking for a friend."

"Asking for a friend" might be a hint, that the idea of an Xbox Mini is being toyed around at least. A bit later Blackley stated, that maybe it is possible, but it would be hard.

"Hey everybody- before I irritate Phil- I'm psyched people like this idea. I wanted to see if people were still psyched about our old design. I'm amazed by the response. Maybe this is possible. It's hard, all this stuff. But sometimes it's worth the pain."

The original Xbox was launched November 15, 2001, in North America. This means that the console is at least borderline retro already, and its 20th anniversary is this year as well. How would you feel about buying an Xbox Mini console? Tell us in the comments.

How about a mini console called Xbox Mini?
Photo: Twitter

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