How art and music shaped GRIS

We caught up with composer Marco Albano for a chat about the promising narrative platformer.

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GRIS is a beautiful narrative experience from Nomada Studio, a new Spanish developer set up by industry veterans, that's coming to PC and Switch late this year. The game has a heavy focus on aesthetics, the art by Conrad Roset as well as the music you'll hear. We caught up with music composer Marco Albano to learn more about the game and its music.

"If you know Conrad's style as a painter, Conrad marked in a certain way a style in the Spanish art," explains Albano. "So he draws muses, girls, and it is not so strange to see a character like this painted by Conrad and to admire her elegance, melancholic feeling, because Conrad already has a long history of painting in this way. It's unusual to see this in a video game, of course, cause Conrad is usually exposed in a museum, today he's on a screen, on a PC, so the character will embrace both the emotional feelings Conrad could shape in a character, but also she can be the main character for a precise story, like this. That wants the player to get emotional and in a certain way create his own idea of what is going on on the screen."


The conversation also covered how the studio was formed and how the team works together, as well as the musical side of things, and towards the end the voice of GRIS, Gemma Gamarra, chimes in for a quick sending off.


For more on GRIS, check out our recent hands-on preview.

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