Xenoblade Chronicles X

How Xenoblade Chronicles X combat works

Check out 30 minutes of Japanese gameplay and bullet points of the combat system.

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After several videos focussed on visuals Monolith Soft have finally decided to talk about the combat system of the Wii U exclusive, undoubtedly a crucial aspect for most fans. Through a half-hour live broadcast in Japan that you can take a look at below. You can learn about new features of the "Arts", the main combat mechanic, but also learn more of other combat details.

The Xenoblade Chronicles X combat system is based on encounters which combine both short and long range, being able to switch instantaneously depending on the situation. The attacks, whether with blades or ranged weapons, are performed with special abilities called "Arts", which serve multiple functions such as healing or stunning the enemy. These have a cool down time once used, similar to games like Mass Effect.

While the special skills are being recharged, the characters launch automated attacks that do less damage. The key to success, as can be seen, is to combine the "Arts" so you always keep one or two in reserve. If you take too much damage and all skills are cooling down... well, you better pray.

Co-operation with other team members works via "Soul Voice". For example, in some cases other characters may suggest to use certain "Arts" which, combined with them, result in additional bonuses as inflicting more damage to the enemy. Just as tips are received, the player can also transmit orders to the team.

Delving a little deeper into the "Soul Voice", there are certain skills that combine to result in chains that end with a devastating attack on the enemy. It seems that it will be crucial to find a good team synergy so, despite only controlling one main character, for practical purposes we are in control of the entire team.

Another key element is positioning. There are some skills that are more effective depending on the player's position. On the other hand, attacks from behind do more harm, and there are enemies with greater front offensive capability than rear. Additionally, you can avoid confrontation with some enemies that only attack when entering your range of vision. Others, however, react to sound and will discover careless players.

Broadly speaking these are the four takeaways we got from the demonstration of Monolith Soft about Xenoblade Chronicle X's combat. We still do not know how combat will work with the huge mechs (so-called Dolls), nor what importance have these machines in the global game. Xenoblade X will be released on April 29 in Japan and is expected in the rest of the world (with the title Xenoblade Chronicles X) a few months after that.

What do you think about the combat system compared to other modern JRPG? Check the full Japanese video below (starts at 33:48 mark):


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