HP reveals new 4K Omen X Emperium at CES

The company has been showing off its 65" 4K HDR, 144Hz refresh rate BFGD with 4ms response time and Nvidia G-sync.

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It's no secret that more manufacturers would like more business in the Big Format Gaming Display category, which in layman's terms is a gaming-optimised widescreen monitor without a TV-tuner, for those that like a massive gaming screen but can't live with the limitations of a projector setup.

The display, therefore, comes with a design that is more like that of a gaming monitor, rather than a TV, and the Emperium has the classic HP Omen finish on the back, while the stand and 120-watt soundbar enhances the "gaming" look of the product.

HP reveals new 4K Omen X Emperium at CES
HP reveals new 4K Omen X Emperium at CES

The price is rumoured to be around $5000, but then you get HDR1000 support, meaning a maximum brightness of 1000 NITS, 384 lightning zones, direct backlit LED technology and 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut. The Panel is AMVA, and is therefore not to be compared with an OLED or QLED TV, but rather a really, really big gaming monitor.

The response time of the panel is only 4ms, and although the declared goal of BFGD is 1ms, it's still a massive improvement over the usual 20ms that most TVs can manage in game mode, and Emperium is sure to impress gamers in that regard.

It has been confirmed that it is 144Hz and with pricing and specs like this, Emperium has made BFGD a lot more realistic for many gamers.

GRTV's Dóri Halldorsson got a chat with HP Omen's Tiffany Rodriguez at CES for an in-depth chat about the new product, check it out below:


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