HTC Vive "on track to deliver April shipments"

Unlike Oculus, the manufacturer foresees no delays.

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Yesterday we reported that many Oculus Rift VR headset customers are still waiting for an accurate delivery date. Purchasers of the HTC Vive, however, can be more hopeful that they will receive their device within the next month.

Head of VR at HTC, Daniel O'Brien, took to Twitter to say that Vive pre-orders were "on track to deliver all April Pre-Orders in April". While Twitter commenters seemed sceptical about O'Brien's promise, some Reddit users are claiming to have received confirmation of tracking numbers or emails from HTC.

There is no way to reliably tell what kind of numbers the Vive is shipping out currently, but it seems that O'Brien might be able to keep his promise.

HTC Vive "on track to deliver April shipments"

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