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Huawei's GT3 SE smart watch can offer over 100 science-based workouts

All on top of lasting for two weeks at a time on its battery.

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As part of the latest episode of Quick Look, we've got our hands on Huawei's most recent smartwatch effort. Known as the Watch GT3 SE, this device has a fitness and health theme, all while keeping a stylish and customisable design.

As for what fitness and health tools the GT3 SE can provide, on top of sleep health monitoring, this gadget can provide over 100 science-based workouts to help you get into better shape, all while tracking a wealth of health data such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and even reminding you to drink to stay hydrated.

Needless to say, if you are an active person and are looking for an alternative to Apple Watch (which seem to be everywhere these days), the Watch GT3 SE might just be the tool for you.

See our brief opinions on the device in the new Quick Look video below.


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