Huge content drop coming to LawBreakers tomorrow

The All-Star update features maps, competitive leagues and more.

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LawBreakers released over two months ago, but following the launch, Boss Key Productions were understandably disappointed with the reception and subsequent player base, to the point where studio lead Cliff Bleszinski said that he would actively try to improve his social media conduct in an attempt to entice more players to the game.

The low player count hasn't stopped Boss Key from working hard on extra content though. Tomorrow sees the release of the 'All-Star Update', which is sporting the introduction of Boss Leagues as the major addition. This is essentially the competitive mode for LawBreakers, and it'll kick off with Beta Season 0, which will give Boss Key the time to garner feedback and information from players who participate.

Alongside the Boss Leagues comes two new maps; Gateway and Redfalls Blood Moon. Gateway is designed for Blitzball and is floating effortlessly in the sky, while Redfalls Blood Moon is Redfalls with an ominous Shattered Blood Moon overlooking the arena, changing the atmosphere.

The update also brings a bunch of balance changes, multiple region queueing, improved tutorials, and more. There's also a stream showing off all of the new content during TwitchCon, live on the Esports Stage, between 15:30 and 16:30 PT where two teams of streamers will go head to head in a best of three.

Are you still playing LawBreakers? If so, do you reckon you'll check out the new competitive mode?


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