Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown celebrates the 4th anniversary by holding a sale and giving away Twitch Drops

It starts today!

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Via a press release, developer Crytek detailed what they are going to do to celebrate the 4th anniversary for Hunt: Showdown since its original release in early access.

First of all, a new Twitch Drops event starts today, and runs through to March 1st, 3pm UTC. This event is open to everyone, all you need to do is to watch Hunt on participating Twitch channels, then you can earn a host of extra-special rewards including a new Legendary Hunter "Steel Eyed" and Legendary Weapons.

Here's the Twitch Drops Schedule:

Drop Feb. 23rd
· Drop #1: Watch for 90 mins and get the Martiny-Henry IC1 Riposte "Bingham Brash"

Drop Feb. 24th
· Drop #2: Watch for 90 mins and get the Schofield revolver "Ten Paces"

Drop Feb. 25th
· Drop #3: Watch for 90 mins and get the Springfield 1866 "Old Tusk"

Drop Feb. 26th - March 1st
· Drop #4: Watch for 120 min (2 hours) between 26th - 1st March to get the Hunting Bow "Sinners Sinew"

Drop Feb. 27th - March 1st
· Drop #5: After unlocking Drop #4 AND watching 180 min (3 hours) you can unlock the Legendary Hunter Louisiana Outlaw Steel Eyed.

Not only that, Crytek is also holding a special anniversary sale on Steam. As shown on the store page, you can see that the Anniversary Edition bundle is 63% off, the Collector's Edition bundle is 41% off, and the Gold Edition bundle is 35% off.

The team also shared a few interesting in-game statistics, for example, there were 1,595 people killed by doors, and 276 killed by horses.

"The whole team has worked really hard over the past four years to make Hunt a special experience for everyone. Every match tells a unique story, and that's why people come back to the bayou again and again," Senior Producer of Hunt: Showdown, Fatih Özbayram said.

"We're constantly looking to keep the game fresh with updated content and events - over the past year we've added a new map and new boss, and held events including Light the Shadow and As the Crow Flies - and we can't do that without our amazing and welcoming community. By putting players first and listening to what they want from Hunt, we're able to create a gaming experience that is truly special."

Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

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