HyperX partners with Waves and Audeze for Orbit headsets

The headset uses Planar drivers and provides surround sound for a cheaper price than the Audeze Mobius.

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Planar drivers in gaming headphones will soon be a reality, and one of the minor bits of news coming out of CES was the collaboration between gaming brand HyperX, Hollywood sound engineering company Waves, and high-end headphone manufacture Audeze.

The result of this is a headset called Cloud Orbit, which will be available in both cabled and wireless versions. It is made in corporation with American Audeze, who released a gaming headset of their own last year called Mobius. The Orbit series seems to be based on the same platform, while not being anywhere near the 4,500 Euro price range - a figure not uncommon for products made by Audeze.

The Planar-magnetic earphones work by having a thin film of material placed between two magnets. Motion is therefore limited when compared with a traditional driver unit, but pressure on the material is uniform, and a lot faster. To compensate for the lack of movement, Planar drivers are a lot larger, in this case easily twice the size, as the Cloud Orbit uses 100mm drivers, while most gaming headphones use 40 or 50mm units.

There will be surround sound, but it will be made by Waves and based on their own NX 3D motion audio system, giving "hyper-realistic 360-degree audio", measuring the position of the user's head 1000 times a second. 10 hours of battery life is what can be expected too.

American prizes are set at $300 USDfor the Cloud Orbit, and $330 for the Cloud Orbit S. Gamereactor has reached out to HyperX to get a launch date and expected local prices.

Does this look like something you'd use?

HyperX partners with Waves and Audeze for Orbit headsets

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