Iconoclasts is headed to Switch

The charming one-man indie game is on its way to Nintendo's hybrid console.

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In just a week Joakim Sandberg's one-man project Iconoclasts will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch. According to NintendoEverything, the game's Japanese publisher, Dangen, has confirmed that the release date is August 2.

Whether the game is going to appear in an eShop near us has not been confirmed just yet, but it seems likely all things considered.

The Switch version will feature a boss rush mode and "a difficulty that lets you get past harder challenges without dying," according to the developer.

The game is about a mechanic named Robin who rebels against a megacorp called One Concern and its leaders Mother and Him. We quite enjoyed the game when it came out in January, and you can read our review here.

Is this a game you'd pick up for your Switch?


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