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Fallout 76

Influencers given actual canvas bags for Fallout 76

Not the nylon ones that have been heavily criticised.

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When the Power Armour edition of Fallout 76 was first announced, fans were promised a canvas bag to keep their replica helmet in, but what arrived when the game launched was a nylon bag, causing a lot of fallout (sorry) in the community that was already riled up from the various other well-publicised issues with the game.

Well, the heat has been cranked up even further, as it emerged on ResetEra that influencers were actually given a canvas bag for free at the Greenbrier event that happened prior to launch, causing the community to react with even more hostility.

Fallout 76

While the game has garnered a community of followers (not everyone hates it, after all), things seem to be getting worse and worse with its public image, with this bag situation being the latest in a series of issues from technical performance to compensation for the nylon bag.

What do you make of the game as it stands?

Fallout 76

Thanks, Destructoid.

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