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InnerSloth lays out exciting plans for Among Us in 2024

New roles, collabs, cosmetics, and features make up the plans.

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Developer InnerSloth has big plans for the future of Among Us. For 2024 alone, there are a lot of exciting developments and planned changes and additions, and now the creator of the popular social deduction game has laid out its roadmap for the year.

We're told that 2024 will introduce new roles. We don't know what they will be just yet, but InnerSloth does note each will introduce "their own little quirk that make for some very interesting lobbies."

Otherwise, on the broader feature and quality of life front, we can expect better lobby filtering, tidier and more intuitive lobby settings, lobby music, crewmate chatter appearing on-screen, and more.

There will also be a new batch of cosmetics and collabs, and while the specifics of this are also being kept under wraps, InnerSloth did add, "Y'all know how we get down with the cute, goofy, and chaotic collabs with other studios. We're rolling the dice and hoping to continue blowing your minds this year. No one is safe."

There will be some other surprises to look forward to as well, although this is also being kept under lock and key, with InnerSloth stating "Can't say more than that 'cause we like surprising you!"

What do you hope to see added to Among Us this year?

Among Us

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