Insider: Xbox Game Pass have 23 million subscribers

That would make for a five million subscriber growth in just three months.

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The last official number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers was revealed in January when Microsoft announced that they had passed 18 million. Since then, we haven't heard anything, but with Microsoft's quarterly report coming up at midnight between April 27/28, the Windows Central editor Jez Corden has now jumped the gun and said it was 23 million on April 20.

While this isn't confirmed numbers, it would mean a growth of five million subscribers in just three months time, which is an amazing result. At the other hand, during this time EA Play was added for PS, third party games like Outriders and MLB The Show 21 was added on day one, while a whole bunch of Bethesda titles were added as well together with a bunch of other games.

We will probably get to verify the acclaimed 23 million subscribers after Microsoft's quarterly report next week.

Insider: Xbox Game Pass have 23 million subscribers

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