Wasteland 3

Inxile Entertainment seems to be bulking up

What could the RPG specialists be preparing to work on next?

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Inxile Entertainment is slowly becoming one of the most interesting developers among Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios family. Not only does the upcoming Wasteland 3 (published by Deep Silver as it was penned before Microsoft snapped up the developer) looks stunning, but founder and head honcho Brian Fargo seems to really enjoy the resources that his team has suddenly got access to, which has made the developer grow from an indie studio to a team of more than 100 employees.

And they are in fact still growing. Right now, they are searching for a lot of people to their second studio based in Tustin just outside Los Angeles (very close to Obsidian) and the recruiters write: "Help us create the next great Xbox Game Studios title from our Orange County and New Orleans offices."

And judging from the positions they are looking for, it seems like they are now about to enter full production of whatever this next project might be. Amongst other things, they are hiring a Senior Environment Artist, a Senior Level Designer, and also a Senior Combat Designer - positions that usually aren't very involved in the pre-production stage.

If Xbox insider Klobrille is to be believed, Inxile Entertainment is also preparing a move of its main office from New Orleans to Tustin. A move that makes it seem like they are evolving into a AAA developer. It'll likely be a year or two before we get to see what they do next, but colour us interested.

Wasteland 3
All 15 members of the Xbox Game Studios family.

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