Medal of Honor

Iranian news channel mistakes Medal of Honor for reality

I went outside once, but the graphics were rubbish.

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The graphics in modern games are becoming more and more photorealistic every year, but who would have thought that the five year old Medal of Honor would be mistaken for realism today?

Yet, apparently, a clip from the game circulated on Iranian television channels last week claiming that it shows how Hezbollah snipers shoot down IS soldiers.

According to the French site, France24, which revealed the clip, the news source also says that the Iranian Arash rifle was firing accurate shots. It is unclear, however, if the news channel actually used the clip from the game on purpose - or if anyone actually thought it was genuine. Regardless, it's still a bit embarrassing, don't you think?

Medal of HonorMedal of HonorMedal of Honor
Medal of Honor

Thanks, France24.

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