Far Cry 3

Is Ubisoft teasing a Far Cry 3 remake?

Looks like Vaas could be making a comeback.

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Ubisoft has posted a picture on their French Facebook page and Instagram account showing the cover art of the Lost Expeditions Edition of Far Cry 3, the picture accompanied by the text "An island we never really left," which makes us think there's either a new game, or a remake of Far Cry 3 coming.

The French publisher also published a link in the comments section of the picture to an Instagram picture showcasing Vaas, the fan favourite villain from the third game, making users speculate even further on a new game or a remake on the Switch.

If Ubisoft is going to announce a 'new' game this will probably happen next month during E3. Would you like to see a new game or a remake?

Far Cry 3

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