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IWantISK were not banned by CCP Games for RMT

Apparently section 2.4 of the EULA was the issue, not real money trading.

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Last week we reported that CCP Games are cracking down on gambling sites including IWantISK, a gambling site that used Eve Online's currency to trade with. Now the owner of the website has confirmed the reason that CCP Games banned them, and it wasn't because of real money trading as many assumed.

IWantISK have explained on reddit that the alleged reason CCP took action against it was because section 2.4 of the EULA was breached, a section that prohibits the use of Eve: Online accounts for "corporate, business, commercial or income-seeking activities". This seems to contradict previous claims that CCP Games took action because of RMT (real money trading).

What's more, a lawyer for IWantISK, via a GoFundMe page, has claimed that CCP Games' case against IWantISK may not have been totally solid itself. They claim that there was no notice of the investigation that CCP Games said they carried out and that, after speaking with Icelandic legal counsel, they believe CCP "confiscated the ISK which the players have acquired legally, and that the confiscation might not have any solid basis in the existing EULA."

The situation clearly isn't resolved and we will try to keep you updated as it progresses. What are your thoughts? Have you ever had trouble with Eve Online's EULA?

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