Jackery introduces a self-driving solar panel

Its called... The Mars bot.

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Are you too bored to move your solar panels when out in the wild? Do you wish for a robot to do it? Then Jackery has the perfect product for you.

"The robot offers a high-efficiency photoelectric conversion rate and ensures a seamless electricity experience with its superior intelligent movement system. It is a nod to the adventurous spirit, providing a reliable energy source for those who dare to venture into the unknown and explore the world".

It is equipped with a Automatic Sunflower Solar Tracker system, this is including autonomous navigation, sunlight tracking, which enables it to intelligently navigate towards areas with strong light for photovoltaic power generation, or towards charging stations when light conditions are sub-optimal.

Solar panels and the energy storage system is combined instead of being separate. The foldable photovoltaic panels are positioned at the top, but when folded, stands out as compact and portable. When expanded, the solar wings boast 600W output, demonstrating a remarkable 25% max solar conversion efficiency.

Jackery introduces a self-driving solar panel

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