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James Gunn: This is the hero fans most want to see in the DC Extended Universe

The answer will definitely surprise you.

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As Elon Musk continues to ruin Twitter and its reputation, more people are creating accounts on other platforms. The most popular option seems to be Hive, followed by Mastodon. The latter seems to be something the newly appointed DC boss James Gunn (who shares the position with Peter Safron) prefers, and he recently conducted a survey to see which DC hero fans would like to see in the DC Extended Universe.

The answer seemed to surprise even Gunn himself. Because even if several famous names was suggested, the character who got the most votes was the somewhat complicated and time-travelling Booster Gold. Of course, this doesn't mean there will be a movie or a TV series made with the character and Gunn himself adds that he's "not creating stories by public vote".

Still, it's fair to say that the chances of Booster Gold showing up in the DC Extended Universe has increased. The character is pretty unique and has powers of a kind we haven't seen in other superhero productions so far, so we surely wouldn't mind him getting a series or a movie. What about you?

James Gunn: This is the hero fans most want to see in the DC Extended Universe

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