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James Gunn wants Ben Affleck to direct a movie in the DC Extended Universe

The Co-CEO of DC Studios has already held discussions with the popular actor about directing a superhero movie.

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Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn dropped quite a few bombshells on Twitter earlier today when he revealed that he and Peter Safrann had finalised their vision of the next incarnation of the DC Extended Universe.

Among other things, we learned that Henry Cavill won't be returning to the role of Superman after all. But while Cavill seems to be on his way out, as least as far as Superman goes, another prominent actor might play an even larger role going forward.

When asked whether Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the DC films directed by Rob Sneider, would direct the upcoming Superman movie, Gunn tweeted the following:

"Met with Ben yesterday precisely because he wants to direct & we want him to direct; we just have to find the right project."

So while it might not necessarily be the upcoming Superman movie written by Gunn, it seems that Ben Affleck will get a chance to direct a superhero movie in the none too distant future.

Besides being an actor, Affleck has directed a handful of successful movies such as Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo. As he often also plays the main characters in the films he is directing, it's going to be very interesting to see where he fits into the new vision for the DC Extended Universe.

James Gunn wants Ben Affleck to direct a movie in the DC Extended Universe

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