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James Gunn's Superman already know plenty of DC characters

Prepare to meet an experienced but young superhero.

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There has been a lot of debate recently over the fact that Henry Cavill was fired as Superman merely two months after he was confirmed to return. The reason given was that the new DC Studios co-boss James Gunn (together with Peter Safron) wanted a younger Superman, although he clearly specified that it wouldn't be a new origin story.

Now Gunn has explained a bit more about his Superman on Twitter, and it turns out it's a fairly seasoned superhero after all as he is "not meeting the major characters for the first time", although he will be younger. It seems like Superman might be a member of Justice League already or something like that when we meet Man of Steel the next time.

Are you happy that we're not getting another origin story, or would you have preferred that?

James Gunn's Superman already know plenty of DC characters

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