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Jason Momoa teases exciting DC universe news

This comes after the actor and current Aquaman seemingly had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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Dwayne Johnson's future as Black Adam is very questionable, Henry Cavill is out as Superman, Ezra Miller does seem to be sticking around as The Flash, but as for the other leading stars of the current DC Extended Universe, there are still plenty of questions to be answered.

It looks like Jason Momoa at least understands where his future lies in the DC universe, as a recent video (thanks, DCverso) has seen the actor leaving a fancy house with a giant grin across his face, saying:

"I got some really good news, great news with Warner Bros., amazing. Wish I could tell you but here it is... Peter [Safran] I love you. James [Gunn] I love you. David [Zaslav]... [shakes uncontrollably before blowing a kiss]. To the future, to the future."

We're still waiting to hear about what will happen to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and if she will return to play the character again, and likewise who will be donning Batman's cowl now that Matt Reeves is seemingly working on an entire Batverse based on the 2022 standalone film.

Jason Momoa teases exciting DC universe news

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