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Jennifer Coolidge wouldn't mind playing Stifler's Mom in a new American Pie

This was revealed during her Golden Globes acceptance speach.

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American Pie spawned quite the cult following and most people seem to have their favourite quotes, scenes and people from the franchise. One of the most popular and memorable characters is Stifler's Mom, played by Jennifer Coolidge, who singlehandedly popularised the term "MILF" and showed up in all four main American Pie movies.

Most recently, Coolidge has has been a part of the The White Lotus cast, something that earned her a Golden Globe trophy yesterday, and in her acceptance speech, she did mention the American Pie movies and made it very clear she would mind returning as Stifler's Mom:

"There were these people who would give me these cute little jobs and it would be enough to get me to the next one... The Weitz brothers kept me going, some of these things would go like five different sequels of American Pie, I milked that to the bone. I mean, I'm still going for six or seven, whatever they want, you know?"

There have been rumours occasionally that the American Pie cast would get back for another movie, and if this would ever happen (we sure hope so!), we can expect Stifler's Mom to be a part of it.

Jennifer Coolidge wouldn't mind playing Stifler's Mom in a new American Pie

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