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John Cena joins Fortnite tomorrow

Epic and WWE launches a new skin to celebrate Summer Slam.

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Today, John Cena is probably most known as a Fast & Furious actor, and also as the titular character Peacemaker in the lovely HBO Max series when it premiered earlier this year. But he started off as a pro-wrestler in the WWE, and as the Summer Slam event is coming up, the wrestling version of John Cena will be added as a Fortnite skin tomorrow (July 28).

There are two versions of Cena to choose from, with or without a t-shirt. He even has his famous "U Can't C Me" as an emote, a signature move that has been a popular meme even amongst people who don't know wrestling - although we firmly believe people will still be able to see you.

Will you get the John Cena skin and play Fortnite as a 16-time world wrestling champion?


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