Mario Party Superstars

Join us for some minigame madness on Mario Party Superstars on today's GR Live

We're checking out the latest Nintendo party game for a couple of hours.

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Last Friday marked the global launch date of the latest Nintendo title, Mario Party Superstars. Marking a return to form for the iconic party game title, Superstars features five boards from the Nintendo 64 era of the series, as well as over 100 minigames to compete and cause all kinds of mayhem over.

We recently reviewed the game, where we mentioned that it is "the best Mario Party game since the GameCube-era", and to showcase that, we're going to be diving into Superstars on today's GR Live, where Dori will be taking us through two hours of minigames and other modes starting from 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET.

As per usual, you can catch all the action at the GR Live homepage, and if you're looking for a teaser of what is to come to tie you over, you can watch our video review of Mario Party Superstars below.

Mario Party Superstars

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