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Jump Force Deluxe Edition release date confirmed for Switch

Spike Chunsoft's Jump Force releases for Nintendo's hybrid console in Japan in August of this year.

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As we reported back in April, Bandai Namco is releasing Jump Force Deluxe Edition to Switch this year, and now we have a solid date, which is August 27. However, this date is for Japan and Asia, as to the release dates for Europe & North America are TBA.

Jump Force

Nevertheless, we can still see some interesting information in the press release. The publisher detailed the early purchase bonus. This includes Frieza's small pod that you can ride in the online lobby, three in-game avatar suits (tops) from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto, as well as an item set useful at the beginning of the game.

Jump Force

Other than the bonus, as explained in the announcement, the Switch version can be played in a different way than PS4 and Xbox One:

One Switch can have up to 6 players playing in an offline battle, but every player has to hold one controller each. NS version also allows local communication battle with two consoles connected for up to 2 players.

Besides, in the Deluxe Edition, all 9 additional characters from the Character Pass from the PS4 and Xbox One version will be available from the start of the game. It's worth noting that the characters from "Character Pass 2" are not included.

There's a new trailer coming with the announcement, you can check it below.

Jump Force

Does it all sound good to you? Will you get Jump Force Deluxe Edition?

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