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Jump Force

Jump Force outlines roadmap of content until August

Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh is joining in May, with other DLC characters arriving throughout the year to strengthen the roster.

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Bandai Namco's Jump Force only released last month to bring us an epic battle between heroes of anime and manga, but now they've revealed the upcoming DLC plans for the fighting game, as well as a new DLC character from the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

This is none other than antagonist Seto Kaiba, who is one of the nine DLC fighters. He'll be coming in May with two other characters, with the other six coming later to bolster the offering.

Jump Force

You can see the roadmap down below, but in April there'll only be a free update bringing the Clan feature, a Vertex event, as well as new avatar costumes. The free update in May will add an Online Link mission, a Raid Boss event, and the World Tournament stage, but there'll also be paid DLC that month featuring Kaiba and another two characters, not to mention more avatar costumes and skills.

June's free update brings an Arena event and new avatar costumes, while July's free update also has a Tournament event alongside avatar costumes. August's free update brings avatar costumes and the new Valley of the End stage, but there's also more paid DLC that month featuring another three playable characters and further costumes and skills for avatars.

All of the paid DLC items can be acquired with the Fighters Pass, or purchased individually, and we'll see more updates and DLC past August.

Have you got the Fighters Pass?

Jump Force

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