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Jump Force

Jump Force will end its online service in August 2022

And it will no longer be purchasable digitally starting from February, including the base game, DLC, and the in-game currency.

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Today we have some bad news. This is the sunsetting for another title: Jump Force, the crossover fighting game that was launched as the 50th anniversary celebration work for Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, will end its online service on August 24, 2022 - announced publisher Bandai Namco.

"Our sincere thanks goes out to all Jump Force players and fans for their support; but with all good things, they must come to an end", wrote Bandai Namco on Twitter.

It has also been pointed out that Jump Force, including the base game, DLCs, and the in-game currency, will all no longer be purchasable digitally starting February 7, 2022 on all the platforms available.

But for those who own the game, worry not, even though the online service servers will go down, all single-player functions will still be playable locally. Bandai has also sorted out which content will still be available and which won't, check below for more info:

Content That Will No Longer Be Available:

  • Logging into the multiplayer lobby

  • Online events

  • Clan functions

  • Viewing the Notice Board

  • Viewing the leaderboards

  • Accepting Rewards from the Reward Counter

  • In-game Store

  • Premium Shop (*Only this function will be available until 8/1/2022)

  • Online Ranked Match

Content Which Will Be Available After the End of Online Service:

  • Offline content

  • Online battles (*Except Ranked Match)

  • DLC (*DLCs purchased before end of sales will still be available to use after online service ends.)

Jump Force

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